Please, do not forget to follow our site rules. It's extremely important.

Recently we changed how maps are sorted and introduced NEW and UPDATED badges. That caused some problems in administrating of contributors' entries. We updated our rules with one more point.

Please, read carefully the last point (about creating new entries and updating old ones) and keep you creations organaized.

Click the heading of this entry to see the rule.

Added by: chelog | Date: 15 September 2015 | Comments (8)

We've added some labels for the most recent entry-sorting update.
Now you can see which entries were most recently updated and which were just uploaded to the website.

If you see plain text instead of actual labels, you need to clear the cache of your browser.

(In Chrome: Settings > Privacy > 'Clear browsing data...' > Check "Cached images and files" > Click 'Clear browsing data').

We hope you'll like it. As usually, leave thoughts and opinions about it in the comments.

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We've changed the way maps are sorted on the main map page of this website; previously, the newest maps would go to the top, while the rest would get progressively bumped to the bottom (as new maps got added). Now, maps that get updated (or edited) go up and show up as the first in that list, disregarding the uploading date entirely. That means authors who don't forget to update their maps and add new features to them will be awarded with people's attention. Do note that a couple of very simple rules were introduced as a result of that:

  • If you update a map, create a changelog in the long description of its entry. You must describe what you changed (or added).
  • Do not fake map updates; simply put, this will count as false advertisi ... Read more »
Added by: chelog | Date: 30 August 2015 | Comments (10)

Greetings, Fighters

So I've finished uploading all the maps from Gerlad's compilation about two/three weeks ago and I decided to create an announcement about it today, followed up by some more info about the updated website rules.

A huge thank you goes to the authors who joined the website and contributed to its growth and also to the people who made maps for the compilation uploaded here. It kept the website big and very much alive the way we know it today; we're waiting for the rest of the (active) users to join us, but we're still VERY satisfied with the way everything works for the time being.

Because the website is so big and it is very much growing, a 'Rules' page was needed to keep things organized and clean, and make the site pleasant for others to take part in. It was planned to be made for quite a while, and @chelog and I got to discuss what would be in it for a bit before he went AWOL. ... Read more »
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Hey, Contributors of SFDMaps!

We've got some news. Maybe they're a little bad but we hope you will get used to it. We noticed that screenshots uploaded directly to our website take a lot of space. As we use free hosting we don't have that much space here so we decided to change how screenshots will be uploaded. One good thing is that you have no restriction of the extension of image no matter which format you decide to use, whether it's .png, .jpg, .gif or anything else of this sort.

Check out our uploading tutorial and see the 5th item. Hope you can handle it! If you have any questions, feel free to ask in comments here.
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Greetings, Fighters

As you may have noticed, the site has grown quite a lot since Chelog's thread on the forums the other day; this is because he and I want this website to basically be SFD's "map-center", where users can browse hundreds of maps by category, tags, author and more, and so I suggested we upload the big compilation of maps Gerald created (Part 1 | Part 2) onto SFDMaps.

I've been doing this for the past few days now and I've uploaded over 200 maps so far. I'm making this post so I can keep stuff up to date with my progress an ... Read more »
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The most important feature in this site is now live!
Just enter the Maps section under Content => Maps and try it by yourself!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Many people seem to be confused as to why they can't search maps by the author name. The reason is because this feature is not implemented yet; for the time being, you can only search maps by keywords in their title (ex. Forest, Building, Factory, Farm etc) and not by author (ex. TheOriginalCj).
Sorry for the inconvenience!
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Here's small tutorial about how you can add content to this web-site.



Added by: chelog | Date: 20 May 2015 | Comments (1)

Hello everyone here!

Today #Octothorp created this site for easy map sharing. We believe that you can upload, find and download maps more comfortable here.

Maybe in future we'll turn this web-site into some united place for wiki, forum and map sharing thread with tutorials, content and everything about Superfighters Deluxe.

Soon we'll post here a little tutorial about how to upload your creation here.

P.S.: Search isn't working... Yet.

Added by: chelog | Date: 19 May 2015 | Comments (3)