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Default entry sorting changed

We've changed the way maps are sorted on the main map page of this website; previously, the newest maps would go to the top, while the rest would get progressively bumped to the bottom (as new maps got added). Now, maps that get updated (or edited) go up and show up as the first in that list, disregarding the uploading date entirely. That means authors who don't forget to update their maps and add new features to them will be awarded with people's attention. Do note that a couple of very simple rules were introduced as a result of that:

  • If you update a map, create a changelog in the long description of its entry. You must describe what you changed (or added).
  • Do not fake map updates; simply put, this will count as false advertising and an attempt to unfairly get people's attention, and your map will be removed.


More updates regarding this change will come in the future. Feel free to post your opinions about it in the comment section down below.

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I think that this system is ok, but I feel that Once a map is out, it's out. The mapper should have tested it before publishing it. If it's terribly unbalanced, or half-baked, they're punished for that by it not being finished on it's publicity boost. Then, mappers have to finish and play their projects before submitting them. That way, we get better, new content (rather than having maps appear twice, once unfinished).
That's a good point, and that is why we ask for a changelog upon updating , but they are some other points that makes updating a map
unpreventable : the evolution of the game itself, since it's in

- Script API may change, as some people witnessed when we had to rework wizard mod so it is compatible with the newer version
of SFD

- Some tiles may changes, or may be added

- New features in the map editor may appear (groups for example)

all of these should be fixed when the final build of SFD will appear. However, a last issue appears :

- There are some people that cannot fully test their maps (just like me)
because of mulitple reasons. In my case, since i can't host properly, no
one ever join my server for testing, making me pray so that it have no

However, there is a flaw in this system, a paradox : perfect maps are less visible than not-so-perfect maps. One idea i have
now is that maps are, by default, classed by rating/download count, and
the presence of new maps is indicated through a small 'new' marker above
the map categories, that would lead to a small subsection displaying new maps
Yes, but when SFD updates, we don't need a massive wave of updates filling the top list. Then new mas would have to wait until the flood ends. About playtesting, you have a point. But solid map design skills can help eliminate the problem. And good thinking on the paradox, It's sad but true. surprised
Yoyoeho of the bullshit (I did not know there was a ranking for the ratings and all I saw how you put all my cards 1/5) I should not grieve this error (the only card I noticed myself is "The Last Figther" and "Pyramid 1") but the other cards it was not me.
I had read the rules and did not see it was forbidden to note these cards .

Really grieve facepalm (I really did not know there was a classification!)

I made an update on my map, but how to show that he had an update?
I made an update on my map, but how to show that he had an update?

Just press edit at your map entry, upload new .sfdm, write update log for your map in long description (! this is VERY important, otherwise your map will be deleted !) and press save.
Rating your own maps is not forbidden, it's strongly frowned upon. It implies that you either know your map is bad and need an ego boost or you can't get fair ratings from other users so you resort to rating it by yourself to try and convince them to do the same as well. It's dishonest, not even talking about extremely biased (if you were rating your own map judging its quality).
I have expressed my concerns in private chat, and will explain this here too so people can see whether they agree with me or not;

Speaking as an admin, this addition is terrible for me. You're giving map creators all the means to shamelessly get downloads without the map actually being good. Do you know what a map being good means? It'll keep getting downloads, no matter where its place might be. Your old maps getting more downloads than the rest is no surprise, @chelog. Did getting them to the top is what got you the downloads? No. It's them simply being well constructed and well publicized.

What bad map creators got:
1. Ability to rate their own maps 5/5, which gives them a higher chance of people downloading it and rating it 5 as well.
2. A way to bump the map to the top without doing any hard work and doubling the amount of downloads the map gets (people thinking the map is new or it getting a significant feature update). This website doesn't need recycled content, it needs more of it. BRAND NEW content, not maps getting bumped to the top because someone decided to update them to the latest game version and get more of those views.
3. Used to be the ability to write colored text or resized text in short description to grab attention - I wrote a rule against it so I could reference it when warning people about it. Some still do this.

Let's talk about your little rule. Do you HONESTLY think people will abide by it? I don't. This playerbase is immature and impatient, and will do anything to get more attention to their content. Who's going to enforce the rules? You personally won't do shit and I know it. You're away at best, and offline for days upon days at worst. I'M the one who keeps rule-breakers at bay and I'M the one keeping everything in order, and you just made my job infinitely harder without even discussing this change with me beforehand. By the time @gwendalaze arrives I have already taken care of the rule-breakers for that day.

How do you tell whether the update was significant or not? Is merely updating it to be playable on the most recent version enough? Are tiny bugfixes enough? Define feature, in a MAP. This is not scripts we're talking about, but maps where a single platform or an object can be added in them and for it to be called one of its "features". On the one hand I want to be super-strict and remove every single old map that gets updated because it didn't add enough new "features", on the other I feel bad for removing a thing a person worked hard for and just lost because your shitty sorting system allowed for it to be.

Why make this a default? Like I said, the website needs NEW content, not more of the same. If you "work hard on a map for it to be at the bottom", you're clearly doing something wrong; either not making it attractive enough, or not advertising it well enough. Or it's bad. What the fuck are you bitching at? Each of the #team's maps get 50+ downloads at worst, you literally can't have one of your maps go unnoticed. Have you seen any map that does? I haven't. Most maps literally spend 2-3 days on the front page (unless it gets spammed with Yoyohoe's bullshit) and have enough time to rack up quite a few downloads before they get "forgotten". The maps I uploaded from the compilation didn't get as much attention, but that's because of the sheer number of them and part of them being truly outdated or horrible. Even so, some of them can get up to 40-50 downloads without any problem, just because people actively look for these sorts of maps. Look at my own map - it was at the front page for a few days before it got bumped to the back, and it has ~40 downloads already. Why would I cry about it being "forgotten"? Like they say, don't put all of your eggs in one basket; if you're updating an old map after such a long time, you're wasting it by not creating something new. Learn to understand the direction of which a community takes and don't break what wasn't broken to begin with.

TL;DR Your update fucking sucks ass and it pisses me off to no end, bloody revert it back already.
You're making my Admin life harder.
1. Rating own entries is permitted now.
2. I've added labels to new and updated entries to smooth things you described.
3. My maps were in pinned post in the very top (1st or 2nd place) in forums. That's why nearly all people in community know them.

I just want to award people who REALLY like their maps and work on them not just for 1 time but continue to support them.
I'll help you in "fake updating thing". Now I'm almost free and can visit the site regularly.
I think it's a good, but you need to increase the number of entry displayed per pages : yesterday I updated four maps (true story) and a few new maps would have been put to the next page (a.k.a oblivion). Maybe adding a kind of markers on maps like "NEW !" or "UPDATED !" would help. Maybe we could sort maps either by publication date and latest modification date

EDIT : My only concern is what about people that *don't* need to update their maps ? they'll get bumped downward for no reasons ?
Entries per page:
Okay, I raised it up to 25

Markers like "New" and "Updated" is an awesome idea, I must try to work on this.

Sorting by both updated and uploaded:
We can. Just select appropriate sorting rule just above entry list.
Like here: 

EDIT: Yes. But I think it's better than the thing that people who work hard on maps and always update them will get their maps bumped to the very end.