Backstreets (Original) (v1.1) by KliPeH
25 August 2015, 9:06 PM

- Flipped portal sprites
- Adjusted Far BG
- Adjusted lamp height to match the original map better
- Adjusted prop placing, weapon spawns and player spawns

Miss the old Backstreets map from the original Superfighters game? Well, consider yourself lucky, because a nearly-identical version of it is available on SFD as of today! Seeing no one else attempted to create a copy so far, I decided to go ahead and give it a go, using that opportunity to learn how to use the map editor in the process.

This is my first map!
Some of its features:

- Identical structure and near-identical visual design to the original version
- Identical spawn points and prop spawn positions
- Old map with the new weapon-system update implemented in it
- Dynamic spawns of office props and factory props

Best played with 4-6 players. Any feedback is absolutely welcome.

(102.8 Kb)
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3 willzerey • 12:12 PM, 26 August 2015
cewl i love playing on the original maps
1 romaz78 • 9:39 PM, 25 August 2015
Please, change doors direction.
2 KliPeH • 0:31 AM, 26 August 2015
What do you mean? I've tested the map both alone and in public and the doors worked just fine. I downloaded the file again, no problems with the doors whatsoever.

I get it now. You wanted the portal tiles to be flipped.
Fixed it, re-download the file.