• Do NOT register multiple accounts on the website.
    Duplicate accounts will be removed. A user constantly breaking this rule will have both their duplicate accounts and main account permanently banned from the site. It is also strongly advised to register with the same username you use on the forums/in-game. Your maps will be retrieved with more ease and we will be able to recognize you with more convenience.
  • Do NOT upload other people's maps without their written permission.
    A map created by a user already a part of SFDMaps will be put under their own account to keep things fair. Otherwise, you are required to include the original author's name both in the short and long descriptions of the entry. Stealing other people's content is a permanently-bannable offense!

  • You MUST provide a screenshot of your map.
    Posting entries without in-game (or in-map-builder) screenshots will result in entry removal and eventually a ban. Faking screenshot URLs to bypass the automatic screenshot requirement (like posting "I don't have a screenshot" in the URL field) will result in immediate account extermination.

    Ensure your screenshot link ends with an image extension such as .png or .jpg. Failing to do so will break the preview and will be considered as if you had not posted a screenshot at all, resulting in the above.
  • Categorize your map properly.
    Maps that don't spawn ranged weapons go into the 'Melee' category; maps that are script-heavy, meant to be played in a certain way, go into the 'Custom Modes' category; maps with special features go into the 'Fun' category and so on and so forth. If you don't know where to put your map, assign it to the 'Classic' category. Same goes for scripts and texture packs.