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The Official Map Migration Has Begun
Greetings, Fighters

As you may have noticed, the site has grown quite a lot since Chelog's thread on the forums the other day; this is because he and I want this website to basically be SFD's "map-center", where users can browse hundreds of maps by category, tags, author and more, and so I suggested we upload the big compilation of maps Gerald created (Part 1 | Part 2) onto SFDMaps.

I've been doing this for the past few days now and I've uploaded over 200 maps so far. I'm making this post so I can keep stuff up to date with my progress and recruit others to help.
If you'd like to help, please keep the following in mind:

  • Duplicates - Please use the search function before you upload anything so we can avoid duplicates.
  • Categories - Please categorize your maps properly. Just because it's yours doesn't mean it goes into the 'Fun' category right away; gimmicks that make the map change and / or creative creations make it so. Just because it's small doesn't make it a melee map right away, unless you're the creator and you decided that it is. If it has custom scripts that change the game dynamic it goes into the 'Custom mode' section. If it was INTENDED to be played in a certain way (ex: Grenade fight map) but it has no way to enforce it (usually by scripting), it goes into the 'Classic' category like any other map that doesn't have the elements written above.
  • Authors - Map authors: your map may have already been uploaded as a part of Gerald's map compilation or by a different person. Use the search function (by map name, search by author name hasn't been implemented yet) and if you find one of your maps PM one of the staff members so we can put it under your account.

Updated Map List

A list of letters I update daily to correspond my map uploading to the website. Bear in mind that I'm uploading maps from the compilation itself [DOWNLOAD] and NOT downloading them from the thread one by one, and because I'm not sure how the folder / thread were organized some maps may be missing.

21/05 | A-C, 0-9
22/05 | D-F
23/05 | G-K
24/05 | L-N [2 missing]
25/05 | O-Q [1 missing]
02/06 | R-S [1 missing]
05/06 | T-U
09/06 | V-Z
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