HiLite (v2.0) by KliPeH
08 July 2019, 11:34 PM

  • Highlighted items!
    • A white border on held, dropped or otherwise equipped weapons. Easier to spot on the ground or on enemies' persons.
    • Makeshift weapons highlighted only when held in fighters' hands, so as to not disrupt gameplay.
    • Highlighted magazines easier to notice when enemies reload a weapon.
    • Primed explosives and special projectiles (arrows / rockets / GL grenades) also highlighted.
    • Supply crates given a white border allowing them to be spotted easily in chaotic environments.
    • Laser attachment given a border to perfectly fit* all new weapon models.


  • All items customized!
    • Modern weapon variants that don't feel out of place! *glares at MP50 and Tommygun*
    • Consistent color palette and consistent shading make the pack look neat and tidy.
    • Size adjustments - realistic melee weapon sizes, secondaries scaled to be smaller in comparison to primaries, power weapons adjusted to look bigger in comparison to weaker weapon variants, equipment and powerup sizes also tweaked.


  • Melee weapon modifications:
    • Chainsaw active / inactive sprites have been switched, as suggested here.
    • Lead Pipe no longer disrupts the flow of time and swallows light itself; glint introduced.
    • Baton and Shock Baton no longer identical models.
    • ChainM now a proper pile and not... whatever it was previously.
    • WhipM now looks like a weapon instead of a beehive.
    • Knife shrunk to normal proportions.


  • Equipment modifications:
    • C4 charge no longer excessively small.
    • Shuriken no longer excessively large.


  • Powerup modifications:
    • Abstract / syringe items are now food and drinks.
    • LazerM now an actual attachment instead of some box.
    • BouncingAmmoM and FireAmmoM now physical rounds.


  • Streetsweepers follow a semi-realistic theme and are now armed quadcopter drones.
  • All mags have been retextured and fit respective weapons. No more odd-looking weapon/mag combinations.
  • Proper pickup names**; none of the "Assault Rifle" or "Light Machinegun" nonsense. Weapons represent their real-life counterparts.
  • Supply crates now streamlined with a uniform color and consistent sprite.
  • A selection of custom crosshairs - Circle, Chevron, Cross, 3-Post Cross, Square, Dot, and Plus-shaped.



* Due to the laser sight modification the attachment looks weird on the Bow, the Bazooka and the Flare Gun. Nothing I can fix I'm afraid.

** Custom weapon names make use of a personalized language pack that is required to be installed and selected in the options menu in order for the pickup names to display properly. It was built using the default English language pack, so custom-language users will either have to switch to English [HiLite] or apply the changes to their respective language file(s) manually.

In order for custom pickup names to be displayed the English [HiLite] language has to be selected from under Settings > Selected Language. The game may need to be restarted in order for the changes to apply properly.

Some changes to default sprite sizes have been made, this means a few weapons will clip through the fighter's legs when held (namely the Chainsaw as by default, the M249 and the AK-74M) or the ground when dropped at a certain angle (Shovel, Shock Baton, Chain, Bullwhip, Silenced USP and Micro-Uzi). A C4 Charge will slightly clip through the floor if it is laying on the ground upside down. All the powerups will look weird if flipped as none kept their original sprite size.

Installing and uninstalling HiLite is done by unpacking/removing the Content folder in/from your Documents SFD directory:
C:\ Users \ YOUR_NAME \ Documents \ Superfighters Deluxe


Additional content not pictured in the preview:
 - Modified makeshift weaponry.
 - Custom melee weapon debris.
 - Custom supply crate parachute.
 - Custom projectiles (rockets / GL grenades / arrows).
 - Custom streetsweeper crate and wreckage.
 - Custom crosshairs.


Thanks for downloading, as always, all constructive feedback welcome!


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18 pixelmaster973 • 6:05 PM, 03 June 2020
Okay, so now I'm doing everything I can possibly do to install the texture pack, but yet somehow I still can't- (launches Superfighters Deluxe) oh, oh , OH..... uhhh.... Nevermind, I got it installed it's all good! I'm so stupid. I was moving the content folder to the wrong Directory the entire time. Silly me.... But I got it now, Thanks for your help KliPeH, and have a spectacular summer! D
16 pixelmaster973 • 8:21 PM, 17 May 2020
Hi, KLiPeH! Once, again, thanks for the instructions. There is one question I have for you though. I'm a little confused about the 3rd step. Can you please explain a little bit better? Thank you :).
17 KliPeH • 9:18 PM, 27 May 2020
Inside the .RAR archive you downloaded there's a Content folder with all the textures in it. Simply move the entire folder into the Superfighters Deluxe folder inside the Documents directory from step 1.
14 pixelmaster973 • 5:28 PM, 10 April 2020
Can Someone, ANYONE correctly explain to me how to install this texture pack, step-by-step because I'm not very good with handling files, and I really want to download this texture pack for my game. THX :). And by the way, this texture  pack is a single RAR file. Was this originally a zip folder but changed to one RAR file, or do I have to turn it into a folder or zip folder?
15 KliPeH • 3:13 PM, 17 May 2020
1. Open your Documents library on your computer (Libraries \ Documents).
2. Find the Superfighters Deluxe folder.
3. Move the entire Content folder (from 4836_HiLite.rar) into Superfighters Deluxe.

You're finished. In-game, open the Settings menu, then scroll down to the 'Select language' section. Select 'English [HiLite]' and then select 'Done'.
11 gabrielhotysilva • 5:58 AM, 17 March 2020
make a version without these white things around the texture: D
12 KliPeH • 1:30 PM, 29 March 2020
10 hernannasiff85 • 7:37 PM, 17 February 2020
Im confused as in how do I correctly unpack the ZIP file? and where? I've unpacked it in the superfighters folder but nothing happened...
13 KliPeH • 1:31 PM, 29 March 2020
There are installation instructions in the description of this entry. You need to place the files into the respective folders in the Documents directory by creating new ones, not existing ones in the Steam directory.
9 megamax20xx • 7:07 PM, 06 September 2019
the streetsweeper are fucking amazing dude good work  biggrin
7 rendell621 • 10:23 PM, 02 August 2019
how exactly do u take off the highlight?
8 KliPeH • 11:45 PM, 02 August 2019
You don't. The pack is literally called "highlight"; it's centered around highlighting items for convenience. You could edit each and every sprite to remove it but that would defeat the whole purpose.

The sprites don't look nearly as good without the border, trust me. Read my previous replies on the topic.
6 Jaksen • 12:59 PM, 14 July 2019
Good job man! cool
5 Proxmin • 11:03 AM, 10 July 2019
hmm nice retexture pack especially the highlight thing. good work  biggrin
1 Raigun • 6:26 AM, 09 July 2019
Can you make without white/red outlines version?
2 KliPeH • 11:56 AM, 09 July 2019
No. The gimmick is that each item has a white border. With all the items being used at once, plus the supply crates, the pack is made uniform and no item looks out of place. It takes a while to get used to but once you do your game experience improves drastically. I highly recommend you don't remove or modify any of the items I provided.

When I created the first item (M16A1) I tried using it without a border and quickly realized realistic weapon sprites don't mesh well with the fighters' mostly-dark sprite background. The gun is simply drowned out by the lines and dark colors of the fighter's clothing. This is probably why the default sprites use very light colors. The white border puts an emphasis on the weapon and makes distinguishing different items easier.

Hope this answers your question.
3 Raigun • 2:42 PM, 09 July 2019
Oh well, I use not all weapons in the pack and for me this mix of your and others people textures feels kinda awkward and I already removed this outlines for some weapons that I liked.
4 KliPeH • 8:10 PM, 09 July 2019
That's understandable. Having some weapons highlighted and some not will feel weird. Feel free to make any necessary modifications to the pack; I still recommend that you either use the pack as a complete set for the optimal play experience or not at all.

The download provides a Language.xml file that changes the names of most pickups to match the weapons in the pack. You will have to modify that file in accordance with the changes that you have made (unless you're not using the modded language file, at that point just don't use the pack at all lol).