CyberGuns 4000 (v1.0a) by NTN9 & Shock
30 December 2018, 1:51 PM

Perhaps you have already read the description of "ATLAS: Sci-fi Arsenal" and noticed that this is "one of the heirs" of FTP. Now you have the second one. ATLAS was monotonous, serious, so the CG4000 is more colorful and close to the original FTP. This pack mixes the elements of retro-futuristic cyberpunk (like in Cyberpunk 2077) with a pronounced separation of guns and objects between different corporations, each of which has its own color palette (as in the Borderlands or Outer Worlds).
List of corporaions
Also one of the main feature of this the pack is specific reload animations for some guns (you could already see a couple of these animations in ATLAS).

Perhaps you already know that after the release of SFD, a new way of installing texture packs has appeared. For installation this pack, copy the contents of the archive to:

C:\Users\[User]\Documents\Superfighters Deluxe\Content\Data

Update Log:

1.0a hotfix (Actual Version)
-Now the pack is installing correctly (last time I forgot to put the textures in the "Images" folder)
-Minor update for "ShotgunDPump" animation
-Logo added on the preview image


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2 Jaksen • 10:21 AM, 01 January 2019
Looking sfd so nice biggrin yeard too 2030?)
1 maebmerci • 5:20 PM, 30 December 2018
holy shiiittt 10/10  biggrin