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Greetings, Fighters

So I've finished uploading all the maps from Gerlad's compilation about two/three weeks ago and I decided to create an announcement about it today, followed up by some more info about the updated website rules.

A huge thank you goes to the authors who joined the website and contributed to its growth and also to the people who made maps for the compilation uploaded here. It kept the website big and very much alive the way we know it today; we're waiting for the rest of the (active) users to join us, but we're still VERY satisfied with the way everything works for the time being.

Because the website is so big and it is very much growing, a 'Rules' page was needed to keep things organized and clean, and make the site pleasant for others to take part in. It was planned to be made for quite a while, and @chelog and I got to discuss what would be in it for a bit before he went AWOL. ... Read more »
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