Sci-Fi & Futuristic Concepts (v1) by Spider
21 June 2019, 9:38 PM

This texture pack contains more than one texture for some weapons in the downloaded file. You have to manually select and copy and paste the desired texture, one at the time, into the native folder, do not copy and paste everything at once. The more normal looking weapons i have named as either "Futuristic" or "Sci-Fi".  The other bigger textures i have named either "Super Scoped"or "Ridiculous".

See for yourself what suits your tastes better.

In order to equip these textures you need to access your game directory's image folder, usually found like this:

C:\Program Files (x86)\steam\steamapps\common\Superfighters Deluxe\Content\Data\Images




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3 dragonaso993 • 6:46 AM, 21 January 2021 [Entry]
Como que le faltan colores sad
1 Raline • 2:54 PM, 23 June 2019 [Entry]
Pretty and not too big, nice. Exept sniper rifle...
2 timmeow83 • 4:42 PM, 23 June 2019 [Entry]
You get used to the sniper rifle after a few days. i use this texture and i like it, doesnt bother me