Misc Flamethrower 1 (v1.12) by Wozenbelt
31 July 2016, 9:02 AM

Reskinned flamethrower.

I suddenly craved a new flamethrower skin, so I made one. I may make more flamethrower reskins in the future, as I feel like I haven't quite hit the right key with this one. Regardless, I hope those that try this reskin enjoy it.

The Installation Instructions.txt file states the following:

To install the reskin pack, simply copy the Content folder in the XNB Files folder into your Superfighters Deluxe folder.

Update v1.12

I mistakenly didn't include a throwing sprite for the B Skin. It has one now.

Installation was made simpler.

Update v1.11 :(

With the arrival of weapon throwing, I had to update the pack to include throwing sprites. 

Update v1.10b...

One of the pixels on the alternate skin was bugging me. I removed it.

Update v1.10!

I added an alternate skin. This one hopefully fits into SFD's style a bit more, as the shading has been simplified and the exact colors from the default flamethrower were used. Well, there is one darker shade on the alternate skin, but I have to shade at least a little bit more than the default, you know?

I also tweaked the weapon sprites by a pixel or so with the intent to reduce klipping with the fighter's arm.

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nice2 okay i choose that the the misc 2
That looks really neat!
Another good reskin biggrin
Maybe in the future you should reskin the flamethrower into an aresol-can flamethrower
I have same idea some time before, but how you can see, Aerosol-Can a bit buggy.