Hi-tech Futuristic Carbine (v1) by Spider / ill
31 July 2017, 10:30 PM

I made this texture with the purpose to help the Carbine feel more powerful. The default look of the Carbine in the game always made me use it with not too much determination, most of the times switching to pistol instead of using the Carbine. It just didn't feel appealing. Perhaps i just never appreciated the default look of the carbine enough. 

This design focuses on having a larger muzzle, with an unusually sized baffle silencer.

To help visualise, this is what i'm talking about. The holes on each side are called Baffle Holes. They exist to ameliorate the shock produced by the bullet exiting the barrel, reducing the stress put on that part of the weapon.
The silencer on the Carbine is as thick as the barrel, with baffle holes on each side, emphasising the firepower of the Carbine. Of course this is all visual, and it was designed this way to also combine quite neatly with the laser-sight item, as you can see in the main image. So you can think of this weapon as a hi-tech semiautomatic combat rifle from the future.

Paste the files into the Default Superfighters Deluxe installation directory:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Superfighters Deluxe\Content\Data\Images\Weapons\Rifles

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2 Pricey • 3:55 PM, 03 August 2017 [Entry]
texture looks cool, i like how you reiterated your inspiration for the gun
1 Kyra • 9:42 AM, 01 August 2017 [Entry]
The carbine needs a buff.