Flamethrower (v1) by Spider / ill
31 July 2017, 9:53 PM

Tired of being killed by the most annoying weapon in the game? 
This texture will probably not solve that problem.

But it will feel less annoying when killed by a neat looking flamethrower!

Designed with a slight Chrome effect providing a better flame-throwing experience, this is the skin to use!

Use this texture and you'll show everyone how good your flamethrower looks!*

*except you won't because you're the only one who can see it.

Paste the files into the Default Superfighters Deluxe installation directory:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Superfighters Deluxe\Content\Data\Images\Weapons\Rifles

Change-log: added more contrast to the flamethrower tank, made it slightly darker.

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3 pachanosebastian9 • 0:37 AM, 14 October 2018 [Entry]
Y esa skin me la puedes pasar? la que usaste en la miniatura porfavor.
1 Kyra • 9:45 AM, 01 August 2017 [Entry]
Lol it looks amazing, but why do I think of nerf guns when I see the gas tank?
2 timmeow83 • 1:30 PM, 01 August 2017 [Entry]
idk maybe because its too brightly coloured. i had the propane tank in mind when i made it.