Dangerous Hulk (v1.1.1) by Danger Ross
09 October 2018, 11:39 AM

Make yourself huge. Big enough to crush an entire team and shrug away magazines of bullets!
This is a custom game mode that turns a chosen player into a boss fight.

           Basic Controls:

  • Hold [crouch] to charge up power into your next move at the cost of stamina
  • use any physical ability to launch a devastating attack!

           Advanced Controls:

  • Doing an uppercut (third melee combo hit) launches players upward (height relative to charge)
  • Jumping does a leap and then a smash wherever you land (height and damage relative to charge)
  • Kicking launches players off their feet and objects high in the air (distance relative to charge)
  • Sprinting for 2 seconds starts an unstoppable charge (distance and damage relative to charge)
  • Grabbing then throwing/punching launches the target (distance relative to charge)
  • throwing items launches them with force (distance relative to charge)


Use the config area in the script to decide how the target boss player is chosen.



            Change Log

(10/14/18) Version 1.1.1:

  • Disabled collision of thrown items with hulk's head
  • Air spikes now work with normal jump attacks

(10/13/18) Version 1.1.0:

  • a lot of balance changes
  • bug fixes
  • Uber kick now works!
  • a tooltip popup that shows a few of the important controls
  • version number display
  • Punching someone in mid air while doing a smash spikes the player down to the ground with force

(10/8/18) Version 1.0.0:

  • published to sfdmaps


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Please add skin of hulk when whom has been chosen
This was a creative decision by me. You don't become The Hulk in this script, you just become someone who is very strong and big; a hulk of weight. You become like one of the bosses from zombie nightmare (but with more abilities).