Disaster Survival Island (v1.2) by Motto73
28 July 2016, 2:27 PM

Survive the disasters!
You all wake up in the morning in a very peaceful island. Suddenly you find ot that it's friday the 13th.
And then you really hope that you were at your home!

Over 16 disasters! For example:
    Hobo bazooka attack!
    Acid rain!
    And many more!

Known bug:
    It sometimes starts a double disaster without a reason I could find, but it's not needed to tell to the players!

*UPDATE 1.1:

Fixed the very base bug related to hosts death. Also fixed the script to fit Alpha, with headers and helpers.

*UPDATE 1.2:

Fixed the map to fit Beta. Remade camera system. Won't crash now.

(175.4 Kb)
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3 Leiteiro • 6:02 PM, 29 November 2017
how i get the script?
2 Scrapper • 8:56 PM, 15 June 2017
The map doesn't work as of Alpha 1.3.
I will try to fix the script on my PC, but it would be useful that you do the same so everyone can download the WORKING map.
1 cerafimvaitsios • 7:22 PM, 06 November 2016
Yeah you updated it! Finaly