Morioh Town (v1.5) by paracetaa
04 October 2019, 10:55 PM

Morioh Town is a pretty wide map. You're not gonna be able to see every player from just one location, since the map takes up more than one screen. It also includes some famous locations from Jojo Part 4, like the pepsi billboard building, the Angelo statue, the ghost alley or the radio tower.

Here's a list of characters that appear on the map and their powers:

- Jotaro Kujo: can appear at random times on the Pepsi Billboard. Helps the first player that gets near him. Once Jotaro Kujo has been activated, he will use his stand, Star Platinum, to stop time for every player except the one that activated him. While time is stopped, players won't be able to move, giving time to the one who activated Jotaro to attack them. After 5 seconds, time will resume. Can be used once per match.

Josuke Higashikata: can appear at random times on the yellow building. Once Josuke arrives, an orange platform will spawn in front of him. When getting on the platform and pressing F, Josuke will use Crazy Diamond to fully heal the user. Can be used once per player.

Sheer Heart Attack: is active at all times. S.H.A. lurks the far right side of the map, where the rice fields are. As soon as a player enters its action field, S.H.A. will activate after shouting "KOCCHI WO MIRO!". S.H.A. moves from one side to the other of its action field. If it meets a player, it will instantly explode. After exploding 1/2 times, S.H.A. won't be able to move anymore. It reflects all kinds of projectiles. 

Mikitaka Hazekura: can appear at random times on the radio tower. Activates when a player gets close to him. Some seconds after being activated, Mikitaka will transform into a weapon. This weapon can either be a bazooka, a katana, a sniper rifle, a grenade launcher or a chainsaw. However, there's a small chance that after activating Mikitaka an explosion caused by an unknown stand will blow up the entire radio tower. Can be used once per match.

Red Hot Chili Pepper: has a very small chance to appear on the current wire that connects the radio tower to the orange building. Some seconds after appearing he will electrify the current wire for some seconds, electrocuting any player standing on it. Can appear twice per match. After appearing the second time, the current wire will stay electrified.

Yoshihiro Kira: is active at all times. Yoshikage Kira's father hovers on the upper part of the map. It travels from one side of the map to the other and drops loot boxes. It can be used as a platform to travel across the map. It has a bow which can be picked up.

Okuyasu Nijimura: can appear at random times on the yellow building. Some seconds after appearing, he will delete part of the map using The Hand. The deleted part is chosen randomly. This can happen once per match.

Super Fly: can activate at random times. Once Super Fly activates, a message will show on the radio tower. From that moment on, every player that enters the radio tower will be stuck in it by an invisible wall. The only way to exit the radio tower is to make another player walk into it. Once two players are inside Super Fly, the first one to walk out of it is free to go, while the other becomes imprisoned. Players who are imprisoned can still fire projectiles outside of the radio tower but they can not throw weapons or grenades.


There are obviously other features hidden in the map, hope you can find them!

Thanks for downloading!



- Changed map name in-game.


- Added Super Fly;

- Some buildings have been slightly changed;

- Mikitaka Hazekura will now spawn in the rice fields instead of the radio tower;

- Increased spawn rate of stand users on the map;

- Lowered Yoshihiro Kira's flying speed;

- Added more chairs;

- Some bug fixes;



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