Jetlag [CL] (vCL 1.4) by Kawabanga
14 September 2015, 11:36 PM

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v.CL 1.4 - controlable plane, light graphics.
CAUTION: this map version may require a better pc to host.


- fixed car getting stuck on stairs.
- added background sound.
- disabled new weapon: mines.
- used Rrreeembooo's method to decrease fps drop.
- the car is now chained.
- works with SFD Beta 1.0
- adjusted map peripheries for Beta 1.0 camera standard


Four versions of the Jetlag map exist:
- NC - non-controlable plane, full graphics - low cpu/gpu requirements.
- CL - controlable plane, light graphics - high requirements.
- 1.x - controlable plane, full graphics - higher requirements.
- Ultimate - controlable plane, full graphics, *dynamic background, destructable plane - the highest requirements.
*Dynamic (far)background doesn't seem to be available in SFD Beta anymore... :(


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Category: Maps - Fun | Added by: Kawabanga | Tags: plane, cqb, Kawabanga, dynamic, JET
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Total comments: 7
7 biharironin • 0:44 AM, 04 January 2018 [Entry]
Should have zero-gravity
5 Wolf2331 • 5:21 AM, 10 February 2017 [Entry]
I found a very serious problem
If the airplane is on the rise, you swoop in the cab, with a personal card will find that he will go out and gib! wink
6 Kawabanga • 1:44 AM, 11 December 2017 [Entry]
You mean a situation when one is asked to leave the plane but then it occurs that he had no parachute? Yes, this problem happens.
4 Kawabanga • 6:38 PM, 20 September 2015 [Entry]
Jetlag is sorta ambigious. Primarily, it is a feeling of tiredness after a long journey. Also wanted to refer to arrival delay to the destination place due to disorder on-board. Third meaning you've already guessed ^_^.

I presume that lag is caused by host's pc output. None player can have better performance than the host, therefore it needs decent cpu and gpu providing 60+ fps.
3 willzerey • 4:21 PM, 20 September 2015 [Entry]
So this is why it's called jet'lag' lol. But i like the premise of the map and i really want to see it be able to be accomplished with less lag down the track but still this map is fun even with the insane lag lol
1 Kawabanga • 6:22 PM, 15 September 2015 [Entry]
I'm curious about your thoughts on gameplay or technical issues for this map. Don't hesitate to write your opinion here.
2 Zere • 4:55 PM, 16 September 2015 [Entry]
This kind of maps are really amazing and unique. I tested this map and its really funny actually, its just that at the moment I can barely play it, i get about 10-30 fps. I hope that there comes a day when dynamic maps would be playable.