The Stalker:Reborn (v1) by [DTAF] Crush
20 July 2018, 9:13 PM

A very popular game from Roblox.I was inspired by the game

I hope I can improve myself.

In The Stalker you assume the role of an elite soldier in the Combine Empire.
You and your team,Unit 8 squadron have been sent to exterminate "experiment that went horrendously wrong".
Known as The Stalker.
He's a mutant hunchback creature,he's also strong and fast.
He'll stop at nothing to devour you,and rest of your team.
The goal is simple:Eliminate him or be killed.

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2 prozup111 • 2:38 PM, 24 July 2018 [Entry]
Duc biggrin
1 Duc • 9:27 AM, 22 July 2018 [Entry]
Nice one xD