Tennis by Nuj, remake by Zoke
13 August 2018, 0:56 AM

This gamemode simulates a tennis game where people use baseball bats as tennis rackets and c4 as tennis balls.

Characteristics (additions):

-Scoring system
-Timer (time can be changed)
-Delay for service to avoid spam
-The side with less points always serves, this balances the game a bit and also prevents from one side to be "making" time
-Auto-bat giving
-Prevents players from throwing bats (can be changed in script)
-Player speed boost
-Slow motion (can be changed in script)
-Auto: infinite energy, health, and ammo (can be changed too)

-Pick a team, if you can't join a team then choose the other to balance them
-Press "Serve" button if it's your turn and serve by hitting the c4 with your bat
-When receiving the c4 on your side it's easier to return it by blocking to stop it then hitting it(A+D)

(39.7 Kb)
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nice mechanism,gonna make a tennis map btw you will be credited too!