Super Smash Figthers : Prime Hunter (v1.1) by Gwendalaze
03 July 2015, 2:20 AM

So what now, you are bored of being a pirate, rigth ? So what about being a prime hunter ? It will be simple, just kill a few moron, and we'll pay you...Unless you die trying to kill them. Yes, you are wanted too. And your head worth a lot of money.

The point of this map is to push your enemies out of the playzone. Damaging them may help, as they are sent further away when their health is lower. Also, setting them on fire may help. Feel free to use our old docked land speeder, its minigun is still fully fonctional. Ah yeah, warning though, some crazy drivers drive at a really low altitude and may hit you ! Teach them and take down their ca
Map support teams. Use the same engine as SSF : Air pirate

V 1.1 : modified weapon spawns

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3 ILUXA-The-Gamer • 5:51 PM, 13 August 2015
1 shutup16 • 6:25 AM, 07 July 2015
I am loving this map so much fun :3
Now if only I knew how 1+ it
2 gwendalaze • 2:53 AM, 10 July 2015
I'm glad it please you tongue