Smuggler Joe Hates You All (vL1.3) by Kawabanga
22 July 2016, 9:48 PM

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*Boss Fight*

This topless sailor is here to explain you what's hardcore.


Special thanks to Armadyl5, Motto73 and JakSparro98 for making core scripts. Used some artwork from Zere's map.


- Water now puts out fire from players.
- Adjustments for Boss's gun.
- Some minor fixes.
- 99% works with SFD Beta 1.0
- Fixed problem with game not restarting after death.
- Boss's regeneration speed reduced 10%.



Category: Maps - Custom Modes | Added by: Kawabanga | Tags: boss, Kawabanga, hardcore, boss fight
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7 Shark • 5:57 PM, 30 December 2017 [Entry]
Shark daddy ;3
6 Kawabanga • 4:41 PM, 28 July 2016 [Entry]
Your script was something new, which I hadn't had access to before. I don't have knowledge in programming, your input to this map is appreciated.

I've made this map with an intention to be extremely hard and have repetitive gameplay. Though I haven't succeded in it yet, I believe that it's possible to kill the boss through disciplined teamwork, wise resources usage (bullet-time, saving ammo, laser-sights, leaving medis to ones needing it most, avoiding explisive barrels, taking cover behind objects if available) and having luck.

If you've ever played Left 4 Dead (my gaming experience preferences had been highly inspired with this game) on hardcore mode, you may at the first glance find its harship ridiculous. But when you gather a proper team and get a tactical approach, this is like a stroll across a meadow only interfered with smelling flowers...

To kill Smuggler Joe you firstly need to break through his armor. Then he regenerates quickly (but his health is only 100hp) so you'll need to perform a cumulative, massive attack at once.
5 Motto73 • 2:44 PM, 28 July 2016 [Entry]
Nice map!

I was surprised that someone gave me credits from my scripting, even if I found nothing big in the script made by me! It's a little hard when i get his armor down to kill him( I usually play on my own offline) but with the right guns it's possible!
4 Kawabanga • 12:36 PM, 24 July 2016 [Entry]
We need to have a drink. thumb
2 Kawabanga • 11:16 AM, 24 July 2016 [Entry]
Yes, taken some elements of a ship's mast directly from your map to save the time I have very little with my current lifestyle (been doing this map within period of two months or so...). You'll be given credit by its next update. I'm sorry if you've felt touched, though, frankly speaking, I'm more concerned on having the content produced than paying attention to how it has been achieved. I also don't mind if someone uses "mine" things, if only he makes his best to improve/develop it in some way.
3 Zere • 12:34 PM, 24 July 2016 [Entry]
Hey, I completely understand. I wasn't mad at all its just that that I make unique stuff and I would like to get at least credits, when I saw this map, I was like "Amazing how he was able to use it so well in his map" I'm glad that map maker like you used some of my creations.
1 Zere • 11:32 PM, 23 July 2016 [Entry]
It seems that you got inspiration from my map, it looks really good btw! In the future it would be nice if you asked for authority to use it or simply give credits. Keep up the great work!