Jlo's Bot Game (v1.1) by jlo
21 August 2018, 7:00 AM

This is just a map that messes around with bots, I was bored and spawned some bots and that's when I figured there wasn't a battle of teams kinda bot one,
Credits: http://sfdmaps.at.ua/load/scripts/complex_mods/bot_ai/10-1-0-2867
Armadyl5 for his bot AI, check it out it's actually lit.

Updates: v1.0

Updates: v1.1
-Expanded the map
-Added a button which spawns fire. p.s just not the roof
-Added a roof (sorta)
-Added acid that kills you if you fall in it (you have a 40% chance to survive if you have full health, if you do you might just die of fall damage or hit something)
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