Hail to the King (v1.5.1) by gwendalaze
23 May 2015, 11:13 AM

Choose your class ! Kill the king ! win !

The mighty knight is armed with a wrathful axe and can dash to his enemies!

The holy priest heals nearby people by pressing walk key and generate slow-mo over time!

The sneaky assassin can jump super high by pressing walk key, using his dagger to dice his enemies!

The cunning mage use a magical device to hurl fireballs to his enemy, and can use a powerful spell of pushing back by pressing walk key !

Last but not least, the rifleman can cripple opponents with his roaring gun, while hurling grenades with walk key!

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1 Imperio_Diablo_Yoyoeho • 3:38 PM, 01 September 2015
nice map and i like play !  biggrin