Dead By Daylight (v1.1) by CrazyDuck
24 December 2017, 2:40 AM

Well, this is an imitated map, because I spent a lot of time on SFDUBG, so this map is not perfect yet, but I will upload it now.
Rule: Human: hide until the end of time!(or find a way to kill butcher , such as map kill or fall damage or useing butcher's mines)
Butcher: kill all human beings!
The way human win... Because I don't know anything about the script, it needs you to set manually  . Please type (/TL 300)
Human beings need to hide for 300 seconds  when the time is over and human victory
Butcher's speed is faster than human , but butcher can't run ,When butcher chasing you, your energy allows you sprint for a distance, and it recover very very slow. so don't waste your energy , DO NOT OPEN IE , OR BUTCHER WILL NEVER CATCH A HUMAN
The butcher will have three mines, so don't OPEN IA
The human's maxhealth is only 50,but the health of the butcher is very high.


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5 StarNord • 3:52 AM, 21 July 2018 [Entry]
the Battle script by the Octothorp Team has a revival mechanic and I'd love if it was implemented into the map so it feels like actual DBD where you can hook survivors, you can also tune the timers and other features in the script, which i'll leave up to you
3 Robert550 • 8:28 PM, 25 December 2017 [Entry]
Hello crazyduck it would be an honor for me to be able to help you with the scripts
Robert550 # 7399
I promise to do all the basics that the map needs
4 CrazyDuck • 7:42 AM, 26 December 2017 [Entry]
That's  awesome , thank you
1 Motto73 • 8:06 AM, 24 December 2017 [Entry]
Nice job my dude. up
2 CrazyDuck • 7:55 AM, 25 December 2017 [Entry]
biggrin  tongue  biggrin