Sky High Outpost (vv1.1) by kelpy
17 December 2018, 1:58 AM

Outpost Drake—nicknamed the Sky High Outpost—
was the brainchild of multiple survivors escaping Sunny City.
Powered by a nearby dam, 
this outpost can support 8 people, a helicopter, and push back the apocalypse.

Remaster of Sky High Resort, can't really [changelog] this cause it's pretty much a new map.
This won't be the last remaster i'll do; 
this will also be part of a campaign i'll try to piece together out of my various maps.

[Changelog] Version 1.1
• added bot support
• bots will detect if doors are closed or open and go around, 
but will not be able to open or close doors themselves.

(326.8 Kb)
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3 romaz78 • 0:03 AM, 24 December 2018
2 Wolf2331 • 5:14 AM, 22 December 2018
Your old map has been to remix by yourself
1 NikoSporeY • 7:52 AM, 17 December 2018
An interesting map, very beautiful, playable. 

Rating: 9/10