Maintenance Area (v1) by psychotherapist
07 July 2018, 7:04 PM

The gameplay involves beating the other players with melee weapons, like traditional melee maps, but there is some randomness and the map isn't completely symmetrical, like the official maps.

I intend this map for casual players like myself, who like the 'gamemode' of melee-weapons-only but don't like the competitive, serious feel of most melee maps.

It's kind of a hybrid between classic, fun, and melee maps, so I'm not too sure about the category.
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This map looks cool. In my opinion it would make for a good map even with guns. I like how it's designed better than most of the maps on this site - it's simple, yet still taking advantage of verticality and it's aesthetic. Maybe the background could use some additional work, but it's good as it is, especially the shading near the water and the orange beams.

Keep up the good work! ^^
I liked this map