Haunted House (v1.0) by paracetaa
25 August 2018, 4:34 PM

In this map there are a lot of traps and features.
-When entering the room with the piano, it will start moving.
-There's a secret button which makes the upper tower explode.
-Another button will set fire to the basement.
-Breaking the bird cage will make it rain fire.
-Stepping in the water container will make the sea level rise, blinding the players on the ground floor.
-The chandelier in the central room will fall as soon as you step over it, so be careful!
-There's an invisible ghost who wanders around. You can see it by his balloon which says "Stay away..". Do as it says.
-There's a bazooka on the far left of the map. You can try taking it, but be sure to run as fast as you can when you do.
-When one player dies, a wall in the basement starts moving.
-Other levers and moving things.

Hope you have fun!
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