Gloomy Day (v1.4) by Kawabanga
25 June 2015, 1:01 AM


v.1.4 changes:
- Reworked map peripheries to comply with SFD Beta 1.0 camera.
- Fixed timers.
- Fixed truck gettin stuck on stairs.

v.1.3 changes:
- applied mechanics to prevent lift glitching,
- messed a bit with red building's front wall to make left side of a map more usable,
- slightly pulled out a car wedge, now there is higher chance to hit it shooting from the central building's roof to cause the lorry rolling down.

v.1.2 changes:
- reduced lift glitch case.

v1.1 changes:
-fixed projectile-transparent wall,
-added some background noise,
-other minor changes.

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2 KliPeH • 12:27 PM, 27 June 2015
The visuals are absolutely stunning.
Well done.
1 HoangMarcel • 7:09 AM, 25 June 2015
i love it!