Cold War (v1.5) by Psyko Sauce
30 July 2017, 6:18 PM

Fight in the Cold War. Two abandoned buildings, soldiers deserters, and full of fun!
As you see Ivan, I made a map inspired by GET OUT OF HERE S.T.A.L.K.E.R., Facility, and another from JonDoe whose name I forgot. Thanks everybody!
And if the map is not pretty, if it is bugged or others do not hesitate to contact me! Discord: Psyko Sauce # 3618.

Backstory :

Imagine that Russia won the Cold War and decided to attack the United States. This place would then be an abandoned place, dating from the 60s / 80s, and we, the superfighters, were soldiers. We had then deserted, and, stuck in the snow, decided to retrace their steps. Having lost the way, they find themselves trapped in this former disused base.

<b></b>[/u][/i][u]A huge thanks to KAZY who helped me out with this map and another to ParagonXero!
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