City Apartments (v1.5) by Psyko Sauce
31 July 2017, 4:11 PM

New luxurious apartments in the city center of Sunny City.
You had invited all your friends to party, but it went wrong ...
Destroy your friends' mouths in a building, with a soldier, a wealthy, a cloaker, a woman taking a shower, a bandit, another bandit, a Mexican, a sheriff, a tile washer, a terrorist, and Others!
This map is inspired by Raline's Pajama Party.
Thanks to all, and good game! smile

-Version 1.5. HUGE UPDATE!!!!! *Changelog*:

-Added ledge grab and a concrete wall at the right and removed invisible ladders.

-Added secret room.

-Added hole in the bar.

-Augmented the size of the bar.

-Added Easter-Egg.

-Reworked farbgclouds.

-Added more windows on the right building.

-Added water on the bath.

-Reworked camera.
Psyko Sauce entertainment

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