Falling by Wolf
24 December 2016, 4:08 PM

You are trapped on this planet. There is a potential danger here.


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3 Wolf2087 • 3:07 PM, 15 January 2017 [Entry]
A little difficult, what questions to feedback bye
2 Ossiehh • 6:07 PM, 24 December 2016 [Entry]
Pretty good map.

I was pretty confused first at the start, before I realized what to do :/

Btw If you could release a "UN-restricted" and "UN-teamed" Version of the map, it would be great.
(Restricted means that we can't use our scripts to modify our experience with the map)
(Teamed you know... Your forced to team, even though we could set it our self. This just messes up with my CO-OP Server and scripts which makes the map not that fun to play)

In my opinion this is a great map. There are just some annoying spots like the
I couldn't climb the wall well. (Not letting me grab into the wall)

Anyway, you made some great maps. Good job  respect
1 Wolf2087 • 4:10 PM, 24 December 2016 [Entry]