All Hallows' Eve (v1.1) by Ruro
25 August 2018, 8:50 AM

All Hallows' Eve is a relatively short/long (Depending on how many players are playing) adventure map filled with a few of the iconic Halloween monsters. You must go through hordes of skeletons and other creatures to defeat the witch!



  • Boss battles that can even block and grab</li>
  • Decent BG</li>
  • Four different scenes</li>
  • And some hidden secrets, including a secret boss battle!</li>


It's a bit difficult to hunt the witch alone, which is why it's best to work with other players. Each hunter has slightly different stats; Some will deal more damage when using melee weapons or guns, some hunters are speedy, and one hunter can take less damage to specific attacks!

Lots of thanks to the many players who helped tested the map and gave out suggestions, and a huge thanks to scripters such as ZokeGamer, Danger Ross, and others for helping out with the script! If there's any suggestions that you think would make the map a little better, please let me know.

Version History:
- Initial relase.

+ Due to the new update, the player modifiers have been adjusted by the SFD update. This is both a good and bad thing depending on how difficult you think this is.

- Players may die a little bit often now
- Some bosses are easier to kill now

+ Shadow Dio, The Tank, [The World], and the Witch, has been adjusted a bit.

* Shadow Dio;
- Shadow Dio has stun immunity now, I figured to give him this since I've noticed players just spam him until he's dead.
- To compensate for his stun immunity, he heals a bit slower and has a longer cooldown for when he is damaged.

* The Tank:
- The Tank can withstand crits from weapons more now.
- AI has been changed, he may grab players more often
- He can throw players more farther

* [The World];
- Appearance tweaked a little.
- The World has stun immunity, and can throw players more farther. You'll may want to think twice when attacking the stand.

* The Witch:
- Added another explosive attack. It attacks the whole screen, so be prepared for it. Staying on the top right corner of the scene may be your best bet.
- She spawns more skeletons now, some of them have weapons as well.
- Skeletons are more resistant to explosions.
- Makeshift weapons that spawn from the top of the scene have been removed.

+ Ashes' appearance has been tweaked. He is be able to use weapons now.

+ Map now has path grids, so now you can play with bots and all enemies should be able to nagivate the map on their own.

+ Some BG has been tweaked.

+ There are medkits and ammo on High Dio's scene now.

+ Some characters' stats have been buffed

+ Players' self-healing have been nerfed.

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8 Proxmin • 2:19 PM, 13 February 2019 [Entry]
nice map.
7 es170518 • 4:14 AM, 29 October 2018 [Entry]
Eu encontrei o segredo 1
6 Shark • 9:20 PM, 02 September 2018 [Entry]
5 Wolf2331 • 2:15 PM, 26 August 2018 [Entry]
Yes,Remind me of Gwendezales's map named of "TOAI"
4 willzerey • 7:07 AM, 26 August 2018 [Entry]
This reminds me of gwendezales old map, bloody good stuff and hopefully stuff like this will only get better with the introduction of campaigns.

Really appreciate that Dio btw lol
3 Motto73 • 8:31 PM, 25 August 2018 [Entry]
Is this an official campaign? Holy ****, this is one of the best maps I've ever seen. The quality is really on the level of what could be official. Thank you.
2 amadorrodrigo2 • 6:26 PM, 25 August 2018 [Entry]
1 Wolf2331 • 2:01 PM, 25 August 2018 [Entry]
You made this "EPIC" map!And I play this "So Good" in my heart