Misc Reskin 2 (v1.12) by Wozenbelt
27 July 2016, 5:19 PM

From left to right, I reskinned the dove, gas can and propane tank. The can and tank aren't too notable, but I thought I'd bundle them in with the dove since I already had them made for personal use. Hopefully I'll reskin more objects in the future.

The Installation Instructions.txt file states the following:

To install the reskin pack, simply copy the Content folder in the XNB Files folder into your Superfighters Deluxe folder.

Update v1.12

Installation was made simpler.

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2 dragonaso993 • 9:31 PM, 10 September 2020 [Entry]
me gusta mas el del loro
1 romaz78 • 5:54 PM, 27 July 2016 [Entry]
That nice too.