SFD Refined: The Texture Pack Of Fineness (v1.0: Melee Skins) by StarNord
05 December 2017, 0:07 AM

Thanks for taking your time to check out the description, or maybe you came here for the comments in which case, why are you even reading this? If you did come for the description i'll be going through each weapon from left-to-right and top-to-bottom.

Fire Axe|BattleAxe: A behemoth of steel which is as good at cutting down your foes as it is at not clipping through the ground when dropped on it's back.

Bat|Aluminium Bat: A seemingly tough length of *metal that shines as brightly as a puddle of paint. Sadly, when you smash open the bat, you'll learn that it was only painted to look like it was made out of metal...Goddamned manufacturers!

Baton|Tonfa: A Tonfa so badass that even your in-game character can't resist holding it the right way(By default, the player character holds the baton by the back end).

Chain|Nunchucks: Suprisingly enough, your player character doesn't suck at using it as much as Youtube might have you believe.

Hammer|Garden Pick: An Innocent looking weapon that shouldn't be underestimated, in fact, It's digging capabilities are so advanced that it can't help clipping through the ground a bit.

Knife|Cleaver: Warning: does not come with bloodstains due to concerns that it may perpetuate a racial trend that certain people of colour die first.

Machete|Bowie Knife: If you brought this along instead of the proverbial knife to a gun fight, you'd probably win. But don't take my word for it, go and try it yourself!

Pipe Wrench| Antique Monkey Wrench: The origin of it's middle name has been lost to history but not it's overpowering damage!

Katana|Odachi: A japanese sword that ain't afraid to show dem curves...Just like everything else japan is known for, and now i will leave you with that innuendo.

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4 romaz78 • 10:06 PM, 16 December 2017 [Entry]
3 shawnu215 • 6:50 AM, 10 December 2017 [Entry]
how do i add these textures?
5 StarNord • 7:44 PM, 30 December 2017 [Entry]
There is an instructions text inside the .rar file, it contains simple instructions on where to put the textures so that they appear in-game
2 buka • 9:25 PM, 07 December 2017 [Entry]
сделайте текстур пак новогодний катана елка украшеная гранаты снежки или украшение для елки и много былобе круто
1 cart3ro • 0:48 AM, 06 December 2017 [Entry]
Oh, wow. First texture uploaded, and already an awesome pack. 5/5.