Guille_dlC's Rework (v0.1) by Guille_dlC
09 July 2017, 9:57 PM

My personal Rework, trying to make it as realistic as I could. (The blue outline is so that the red button can be seen)
Weapon list:
Pistol - Personal Rework (probably this)
Silenced Pistol - Same as ^ but with silencer
Uzi - Personal Rework (probably this)
Silenced Uzi - Same as ^ but with silencer
Pump-Action Shotgun - Remington 870
Magnum - Colt Anaconda
Sawed-Off Shotgun - Sawed-Off Remington 870
Grenade Launcher - China Lake
C4 - Dynamite Bomb
M60 - Personal Rework (probably this)

Font: Snap ITC, 12pt

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