INVENTORY MOD (Fixed) by MrAnyone and fixed by Shark
28 July 2018, 5:10 AM

A mod that adds an inventory for each player store objects or even dead players! 

The controls are very simple! 

ALT + MELEE BLOCK to add an object 
ALT + CROUCH MELEE ATTACK to drop an object 
ALT + MELEE ATTACK to throw a object up 
ALT + MELEE JUMP ATTACK to throw a object down 
MELEE BLOCK to shuffle the item list 

Things you can do with this mod includes: 
Throw your dead buddy! 
Throw things in the head of someone 
Become a bomb by carrying explosive stuff in your inventory and dying 
Store powerups for later use 

1.0 BETA : First version, carry players was not possible. Added simple inventory system. 
1.1 BETA : Now objects are destroyed when you die (if the config enable that). Fully changed the inventory system, solving a ton of bugs. Now players are spawned with their skin from inventory. 
1.2 : First non beta release, added a huge blacklist of objects that are not really supposed to be picked (you can disable this config). 
1.3 : Cleanup and remove unused text messages. (like next item when you have only 1 item). 
1.4 : Now players can't pickup weapons, since to the fact its possible to make infinite ammo this way. (You can make players pickup weapons by changing settings in the config area

1.5 : Now works again.

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