Testing Floor Remake (vBeta v1.0.1 Build) by Brockpig47
27 November 2017, 4:30 AM

TestingFloor The Remake. Made as close as I could to the real version. 6 Weapon Spawns, 8 Player Spawns, and Random Object Spawns.

Version of Game: Beta v1.0.1 Build
Version of Map: v1.2

Changelog [v1.2]:
- Added Backround.
- Changed Shelfs so you don't fall though cracks. (Can still Press down to drop off)
- Added Buttons. (They do nothing right now)
- Changed Stairs. (Use to be slim, Now they fit with the floor)
- Added Random Spawn for Objects.
- Added Fans to spin in the vents.

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5 KliPeH • 12:59 PM, 29 November 2017 [Entry]
Next time please mention why the map was updated in either one of the two descriptions of the entry. I've approved it because I myself could tell the difference between the versions (the first one didn't have a background, this one does) but I will simply have to remove the entry on the grounds of it not having a changelog next time around.

4 brockruland1 • 0:45 AM, 29 November 2017 [Entry]
Thank you, Ill update it as soon as I can.
2 brockruland1 • 8:08 AM, 28 November 2017 [Entry]
I haven't gotten into backrounds yet but when I can figure out how to color them, then I'll update it so it has the backround.
3 cart3ro • 0:23 AM, 29 November 2017 [Entry]
Oh, well, when you click a background tile, click the blue square in the top left corner and choose the color you want to use.
1 cart3ro • 5:02 PM, 27 November 2017 [Entry]
Why is there no background...?