Sky High(Zombies) (v2.0) by Plymouth
13 November 2017, 0:15 AM

Difficulty rating: Extreme.

Number of players:6

Extremely dynamic fighting arena. First off ,you start on stable platforms. Sprint over(no jumping) spinning wheels to launch yourself at high speed towards the enemy and into the chain-rigged, unstable jungle. You might die instantly. You might fight effectively, throwing everyone off down on the cold hard asphalt below. Weapon drops are scarce, and every platform is droppable and destrutible. And what waits them down there on the asphalt? Well, I'm glad you asked! There is a serial roadkiller hired specifically for this show in his super-rigged hatchback to go over any unfortunate soul who happens to be down there. But fret not, sometimes, accidents happen, and after a lap that car may or may not appear... It can also get stuck in the debris if you drop a sufficient amount of it down. So you never know what to expect :)

Hilarity, drama, and extreme action are a guarantee on this 6-player map.

Now with zombies.

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