Zombie Defense Manor (v1.2.2a) by wd
16 June 2017, 10:04 PM

Cooperative or single player map. Survival against infinite waves of AI zombies. Earn money, buy weapons and make your stand.

Zombies have a primitive AI and are quite harmless unless you go full melee. The goal of the map is to protect the generator located in the basement.

Map features few destructible barricades as well as some instruments to help you fend off zombies (strategically placed explosives).

Front door zombies can break the backdoor lock to make things harder for you.

You can open and close the front door with your activate button.

You can buy weapons at a crates with a price tag above them. $2 weapons are pistols, $4 weapons are rifles and such. Tower weapons are better than in-house $4 weapons, but you have to get to the tower first to get them.

You can buy fire weapons in basement, but make sure not to destroy the fire locker (why would you, right? Right? [spoilers?])

You get $1 for each zombie killed (but not gibbed instantly - that's partially because I didn't want to reward "easy" gib kills, and partially because I didn't find a way to detect zombie's death if it was gibbed).

Fire went through quite a few iterations in this map. I didn't want to remove it completely, but it was overpowered most of the time. It ended up like this - zombies have huge fire resistance but roll very rarely (they are stupid zombies after all), there's a good chance that once set on fire zombie will burn to its death. You can only get fire weapons in the basement though, and the fire locker is... fragile. I feel the way it's implemented is totally fair though, players are never really forced into destroying it... kinda.

Version history:
1.2.2a - zombies don't come from the back in the first rounds again
1.2.2 - infinite rear zombies bug fixed (hopefully)
1.2.1 - first public release.
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2 shadowxdgamer • 8:59 PM, 11 July 2017
COOL MAP KEEP ON GOOD WORKIN biggrin  thumb  thumb  thumb
1 kishsfd • 6:53 AM, 17 June 2017
!Cosa muy pegajosa B)Aunque no lo he descargado aun