Super Fortress Deluxe Payload (v2.0) by gwendalaze
02 June 2015, 4:44 PM

Teamwork and guns !

As a Navy, push the bomb to the enemy base

As a Crimson, stop them !

Use ammo dispensers to refil your guns (and your health). Cooperate with your ally to set up tactics and beat your enemies. Choose one of the eight classes :

The runner is the melee guy : With a katana and a shotgun, you'll dice to piece your foes

The assault guy got the big guns : Standing on a cliff with an astonishing supply of ammos for both his guns, make lead rain on your enemies

The mexican is the all-rounder : He is going to kill you at range with his mighty magnum, and gonna turn you into fajitas if you stay too close from him

The technican is a proud defender : approach his point, take a shotgun shot, or , if you are unlucky, a few grenades to the face

The hellman heat up things : your enemies will roll on the floor screaming

The demoguy love when things go boom : There is never too much grenades. NEVER

The revolutionist will goes by himself :Fuck society ! I can do anything I want to ! I am a jack of all trade

The markman is a silent long range killer : Being fragile yet sneaky, the bark of his sniper rifle will be the last sound you may hear

v2.0: Reworked the whole code, no More weird bugs!

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2 ratas829 • 0:29 AM, 28 September 2015
I love Super Fortress Deluxe Maps <3  ok
1 chelog • 9:58 PM, 30 August 2015
Gwen, since you updated the map, please write a little changelog. These are the rules of the website.

EDIT: Thank you.