NF Infinity War Smash Mode 2.2 by Shark
19 August 2018, 8:00 PM

Select your hero and fight!

This map is like a Battle Smash with 6 Maps.

Have 34 heroes, 34 playable, 2 eastereggs

Have fun!

v1.0 - Posted the Map

v1.5 - Added Parasite, fix anyone bugs..

v 2.0 


- Gravity Mage: With alt + s create a invisible area that reflects objects, with alt + a turns others players into ballons xd(this effect makes the player up too high) with alt + d change objects dynamic to static, alt + jump + a can fly.

- Ice Mage : Spawns barrier with alt + d, Spawns a Igloo with alt + s, Create a ice rain with alt + jump + a, with grab can freeze other players(this effect turns the players much slow).

- Mario : Can stomps with alt in air and super jump with alt in ground.

- AntMan(Requested for Striker xd) Can spawn five ants to help with alt + a + jump, can call it with alt + d

with alt + d turns small(More fast) with alt + a turns big(More Strong and Slow)

Fixes and News

- The bomberman now dies easy for shots and punches

- The Alien/AntMan can call your minions with Alt + D

- Removed the Random Button

- Fixed Bruce Banner don't dies in Impact Damage

- Fixed the traitors of SlenderMan

- Added more 3 maps


- Nerfed Mario (he dies more easily)

- The Vampires runs fast now

- Added effect "scream" to specials of Terminator and Juggernaut

- A new easteregg

- The ants of AntMan now dealt more damage

- The Slenderman spawns blackout again

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2 juanzero2059 • 1:36 AM, 03 November 2018
where is thanos? ironman its not on the map because thanos has killed him? surprised IW2 spoiler? :v
1 plocats88 • 2:13 PM, 24 August 2018
this map is f*cking beautiful!! thx to you