Dead By Daylight Remake (v2.3) by Zoke and Ruro
03 January 2018, 10:16 PM

Dead by Daylight by CrazyDuck with modifications:

Script Remake (By Zoke):
-Game ends when hunter dies or survivors die with Gameover Message
-Game gives survivors some time to hide
-Game shows how many survivors are left
-Game gives the Hunter 5 minutes to kill everyone or he dies
-Game shows the rules at start
-Tooltip: "F to open/close" (doors)

Map Remake (By Ruro):
-Added doors
-Whole map remade
-Added portal doors at both ends of the map

-Opening a door caused the others to disappear (Fixed)
-Camera is now static (The underground was unable to be seen sometimes)
-Few modifier changes (Survivors faster when sprinting but slower when running)

-Hunter receives 5 mines instead of 3
-Portal doors at each end changed (Left portal takes you to the small house & right portal takes you inside the container)
-Added extra doors
-Popup Messages are now more visible (Whiter)
-Some gameplay flaws fixed

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4 StarNord • 3:52 AM, 21 July 2018 [Entry]
Good Job at fixing all the flaws of the original DBD, i'd like to suggest something however, the Battle script by the Octothorp Team has a revival mechanic and I'd love if it was implemented into the map so it feels like actual DBD where you can hook survivors, you can also tune the timers and other features in the script, which i'll leave up to you.
3 yungjew123321 • 5:43 PM, 28 February 2018 [Entry]
i cant play it
1 CrazyDuck • 7:51 AM, 09 January 2018 [Entry]
Great Script , i like it
2 eliojr20001 • 5:27 AM, 10 January 2018 [Entry]
Thank you, I really appreciate it