Space Shuttle Reentry (v3.0) by Plymouth
01 December 2016, 7:49 AM

Map set up on a space shuttle undergoing re-entry. Heavily inspired by motto73 zero-g script(which was used by me), as well as tomottke's plane crash map.

This map is highly destructible, watch carefully where you shoot.

*fixed. Known bugs: spontaneous self-disassembly of the rear of the shuttle.

Not a bug: rapid and volatile disassembly of the rear of the shuttle as a result of using firearms where they certainly should not be used. ; - )

Not a bug: airtight doors crushing people.

New in 2.0: more destruction and consequences of not closing doors during the explosion.

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3 Kawabanga • 1:12 AM, 09 December 2017
Fun to play with cool destruction.  thumb
1 silkythescienctis • 6:50 AM, 12 December 2016
how do you make a door?
2 Plymouth • 11:53 AM, 19 December 2016
same way you make an elevator, really, except instead of elevator, it's a rail.