Rooftops III (v1.0.0) by Minion
22 October 2017, 1:10 PM

1st map I made uploaded it now just bcs, Tower II wasn't my first map
colapsing floors break the floor/floors beaneth ...and the elevator
a helicopter which bombs the plae by pressing the button on it
and random red building floors (out of 3)
have fun!


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1 deleted225 • 5:53 PM, 22 October 2017
Oh, I thought that was your first map. But hey, this map is good, too (I found a background bug, when the heli crossed the sign and also the hanger, whatever). I have a suggestion for that bomb, spawn object(BarrelWreck). I wonder what happened to Tower II. What is Ultrabattlers Omega, according to the sign?
2 Minion222 • 7:30 PM, 22 October 2017
Ultrabattlers Omega is a pun on Superfighters Deluxe and mythologic overactive as in myth. interactive and thase bg bugs i know im just realy not in the mood to fix that bcs i hae it all in one layer so

and btw this map isnt realy the first its the first made on this computer i had some older maps that i did not uploadim prob not gonna update the map just bcs i realy dotn think many people would manna dowload it anyways
5 deleted225 • 6:08 AM, 23 October 2017
It's ok if you don't fix the bugs and thanks for the info happy  .
3 Minion222 • 7:32 PM, 22 October 2017
tower 2 i just changed the text of the script creator so its armadyl15 not armallyl15
4 Minion222 • 7:38 PM, 22 October 2017
btw thx for all the comments im always happy seing comments its exciting  happy