Propaganda (v1.1) by TheOriginalCj
28 September 2016, 8:49 AM

If you really want global control, simply turn to the media. Everyone trusts the news for information, if you want you could spread a lie and people will believe it. In bustling Sunny City, there's always something new going on, and people feel the need to know, sometimes constantly. The Sunny City Media District may be a source for even the most unbelievable news, but it's the information that people get anyway.

This is a fight between two buildings with a long platform at the top connecting the two buildings. You can take this highly vulnerable route to reach the opposing building, or you could jump across the window cleaning platforms.

Yes you can, just give the platforms enough momentum and you can swing effectively to the other side. This kinda makes you an ape in an urban jungle, however they aren't always in the same place...

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