Atlas Arena 2 (v1.8a) by Shui
14 March 2016, 5:14 PM

v1.1- Look out! - Gib Zones at the top and bottom
v1.3- You can shoot between the center blocks
v1.5- You can climb most of the framework supporting the blocks
v1.6- Left and right upper buttons blow up people who camp on top of the globe
v1.7- Tons of modular ambient sound
v1.8- Improved and more intelligent ambient sounds
v1.8a- Major lift related bug fix

Have Fun!
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THis cool I like how you never sit and stop and it looks nice dark
I am sorry.

I should have either made more visual changes or titled this differently; this is a second edition to a series of Atlas Arena maps (of which there may be 4.)

The first Atlas Arena has a completely different play style compared to AA 2. I had intentions to keep the same visual appearance throughout the AA series.

I will be much more careful next time.
This version DOES look better, but unless the platform/prop structure is different and the change isn't solely aesthetic-centered this can't be considered as a different "map" (which this doesn't seem to be).

There are some exceptions, obviously, when uploading the same map twice actually benefits the player (heavily scripted vs. vanilla, visually intensive vs. plain etc). This doesn't seem to be it either.
Uploading multiple entries for the same map isn't allowed. I do recommend you read our uploading rules which - can be found under the 'Info' tab at the top right corner of the screen - before you upload your next entry.

The old version of the map has been removed.