Soldiers story (DEMO) (v1.0) by Jedi75
14 January 2016, 5:41 PM

My first adventure map. Its a demo and it DOESNT have all features.

I hope ul like it.


A story about heroes and fools.


This map is made for TWO PLAYERS not more!


What will be in full verzion:  Vehicles, tanks, armored trucks...

                                            More heroes and classes

                                            Better story

                                        ...And much more....

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2 Jedi75 • 4:38 PM, 15 January 2016 [Entry]
thx. I realy need to learn some scripts cuz im totaly dumb in that, I will propably publish full version after il learn some of those scripts.
1 mohamedsghaier666 • 10:26 PM, 14 January 2016 [Entry]
the demo looks already awesome, i loled when the general got smashed by the piano biggrin you need to improve the visuals of the tank and maybe make it shoot projectile instead of explosions.
i appreciate your determination for making an adventure map, it is really a lond hard task !
i am waiting for the full version.
(psst: you can take few elements from my map, it might help you to learn basic scripting)